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About Facelines

At Facelines Clinic, we specialise in providing the highest-quality dermal filler treatments and anti-wrinkle injections.


We firmly believe that cosmetic treatments encompass more than just enhancing physical appearance; they can also positively boost self-esteem and inner confidence. We aim for all our clients to experience improved self-confidence in their outer and inner selves.


As we age, the skin's capacity to generate new elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid diminishes, reducing facial and lip volume in specific areas.


Our team of skilled and certified Registered Nurses will evaluate your unique requirements and suggest the appropriate cosmetic injectable treatment tailored to you if necessary.

Kylie Lee

Cosmetic Injector

Kylie Lee is an APHRA board-certified Registered Nurse and highly skilled cosmetic injector with 18 years of cosmetic beauty experience in South Korea and Australia. Her passion lies in providing cosmetic injections towards her clients, where she is committed to providing high-quality dermal filler and anti-wrinkle injections.

Kylie brings a wealth of cosmetic knowledge from her experience as a nurse working in the plastic surgery industry in Seoul, South Korea for 7 years (now considered to be the beauty capital of the world). A loving mother of two young children, her gentle and sweet nature carries forth into her calm but detailed approach towards cosmetic treatments.

Receive a complimentary consultation

Our treatments are highly customisable so that each client can feel and be visually more youthful. You have the luxury to pre-consult with our team prior to booking for treatment free of charge. If you’re interested in our treatments or to learn more, our medical staff will offer you advice on how we help you achieve your desired look and also answer any of your specific concerns.


Harry Whitmore

"Found these guys through Groupon 6 months ago. The receptionist was very friendly and made the booking process simple by explaining the entire procedure to me. I recently returned and was offered to be apart of their loyalty program. Very satisfied with their services. Thank you Facelines."

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